4 Practical Thai traditional wear for kids - Not just for Songkran Day

Green color Mandarin collar shirt for boys

Think about the summers in Thailand and you automatically think about the Songkran holiday in the month of April. And you want to know how to dress up appropriately for this festival. You ask your Thai friends and what they respond is “Chut Thai” - the traditional Thai outfit.

Chut Thai has been gaining even more popularity since last year ignited by the craze for the periodical TV series Bupphesanniwat (Love Destiny).

Last year NIDA (National Institute of Development administration) did a poll  on whether Thai people should wear traditional clothes for Songkran. When asked whether the respondents would like to wear  traditional costumes, 64.24 percent said they would like to because traditional clothes reflect Thai identity and the 33.44 percent of people who said that they don't want to, gave a reason that traditional clothes are expensive, difficult to wear and not suitable for the Thai weather which is rather hot.

Which means that if Thai traditional dress was practical, even more people would want to wear it.

When we came across this survey findings, we thought “Surely there would be some Thai dresses that are comfortable and suitable for hot weather but people are probably not aware of it.” Out of curiosity, we started looking for Thai dress for kids made of cotton (as we deal in kids clothing). And this is what Google search showed us.

Thai dress for kids search


To our surprise, we did not even find one shop selling cotton based Thai traditional wear on the first page of Google.

We thought - Oh!!! No wonder  so many parents asked us last year if we have Thai dress.

So we decided to come up with our Thai festive wear - made of cotton, easy-to-wear, reasonably priced and practically designed to be paired with casual wear throughout the year. After all why should Songkran be such an expensive affair!

So here is what we came up with-  Practical Thai traditional kids wear


Thai traditional dress for boys and girls

Thai dress for kids made of cotton

And why do we call our Thai traditional wear practical? Its because the tops/shirts can be mix-and -matched with a variety of casual wear making it not only occasional wear but a versatile clothing item. Here our some styling tips!

Malika top

How to style Malika thai dress top with casuals


Marni Top

Peplum top of Marni Thai dress matched with casual wear


Jade Shirt

Sea green cotton shirt with mandarin collar from Jade thai dress


Wynn Shirt

Wynn cotton boys shirt with Mandarin collar - Nick & Nishka

How would you like to dress up your kids during this Songkran? Comment below and let us know.

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