5 easy-to-create, fun and eco-friendly Halloween costume party ideas

It all started when my niece Kiara asked my sister “Mommy why don’t we celebrate Halloween?”

Its already Friday and we are in the middle of thinking how to stick to our words and make this Halloween celebration fun for her. Since Kiara watched the movie Lights out, she is very scared of “Aunty Diana” that means scary looks and spooky characters are not what she is going to like. But creating her own things and dressing up differently gives her immense joy!!

So I started looking up on Pinterest for some ideas and here’s what Pinterest replied to “Boo!!! You just have 5 days left to get some inspiration” and I thought maybe I am not the only one who plans everything last minute😉

So I thought of sharing this with all of you who might be sailing in the same boat!

After going through so many activity and looks, here are some easy-to-create looks that I loved for Halloween costume parties. So, check this out, get ready to some dress-up fun, invite a few friends and have a super fun costume swap party!

1. Sadness from Inside out

Sadness Inside out Halloween look

This one is perfect for kiddos who just need an excuse to paint their faces. Simple to create, all you need is a white or light blue pull over and a pair of leggings/jeans.

To paint the face, here’s how to make you own face paint that is eco-friendly, safe, and easy to make.  

Really want to try this but cant make the face paint, try out a similar look with the blue color easy-to-remove face & body  paints by Miracle paints Thailand available at Isetan. 


2.  Halo Avocado :

Here’s another easy yet trendy look that you can create for your family ! And we are sure every kid from the kindergarten can do this!

DIY Avocado Halloween tee

Image: Lili Sams

How-to: Trace and cut the shape of an avocado out of soft green felt. Use brown felt for the pit, and attach to a t-shirt with safety pins.

And for all the lovely mommies-to-be, here’s a fun way for you to join the Avocado Squad.

avocado costume for pregnant ladies

You can use this picture to make your pregnancy announcement too.

Isn’t it cool?

 See the tutorial for this one here.

 Daddies and uncles have a belly and want to flaunt it too?? Let them have some fun too😉

Avocado theme costume for men


And this avocado print bodysuit from our collection is for the youngest member of the Avocado tribe.

avocado print bodysuit

Image – a luminous heart

Shop it here and get it delivered before Halloween. Next day delivery in Bangkok if required.

3. My Emoji

For kids who love art and craft, this emoji look is easy and fun. Personalize by choosing a suitable emoji for each family member and get some family photography like this one done!!

emoji halloween dress theme


4. Black panda :

This black panda printed tee and trousers is an easy way to dress up your kid younger than 3 years old in a Halloween theme.

black panda outfit for kids

Here’s how mommy daddy can create their own matching DIY panda costumes too:

Wear a black and white baseball top or any white t-shirt with black tracksuit or leggings.

DIY Black panda Halloween outfits

Pair it with this printable panda mask! And you are ready!

Mommies can add some extra fun with this panda make-up look.

panda makeup for halloween

Image: Presley Childre

 5. Pasta I love you!

If you want to dress #samesamebutdifferent – this DIY Pasta costume is just Oh-so-cute!

DIY Pasta Outfit for Halloween costume party

Check out the tutorial here by Studio DIY.

Yay! That makes it 5 fun Halloween dress-up themes! So all you need to do is choose one and if you plan to have a get together, send invites asap!

Halloween costume party invite

Click here to customize this invite and share with your friends on facebook or save as image to share on your messenger (Whatsapp/LINE,etc.)

And don't forget to make it an eco-friendly Halloween too! Here are a few tips:

  1. Dont use plastic bags as a Trick-or-treat bag. Use reusable shopping bags or you can even use pillow cases.
  2. If you plan to buy candies etc. try to buy a bigger pack instead of several small ones.
  3. If you purchased a Halloween outfit or created something that can be reused, donate it to a friend or relative who can use it next year!

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