Thinking of gift for a preschooler? Here’s what my niece asked for her birthday!

A special day was nearing, it was my niece Kiara’s birthday. What do you want for your birthday sweetheart?” My sister asked Kiara in spite of having already bought a present for her.  As Kiara always seized an opportunity to get her hands on her mother’s phone to watch videos, my sister thought now that she is turning 4, it may be ok to buy her a tablet. What could a child of that age want more than a tablet right?

Well, Kiara didn’t ask for any electronic device.  On the contrary, she asked for “vegetables” & “fruits”. She said she wants to cut her own veggies and prepare dishes herself in her “kitchen” that she got as a present recently.  She had seen it on a YouTube video and quickly opened it to show her mom what she was talking about.

 It was this toy set with different colourful toy fruits and vegetables, 1 Chopping Board and a wooden Knife. Each fruit and vegetable had self-stick tabs that held the pieces together which could be sliced apart using the knife.

When my sister told me about this, I was so happy with Kiara’s choice. I realized how as elders, we sometimes forget that our children don’t think the way we do. I realized how much joy and pride kids feel when they do things themselves.

 No wonder, I thought, why kids love our DIY clothing.  For those who don’t know about it, I am talking about our DIY Clothing range – Color n wear and Pin up n wear – which is like a play-at-home fun DIY activity for kids.

DIY Color n Wear

The color n wear line has a range of sustainable organic clothing which children can color and wear. A set of 5 Color fabric permanent markers comes with each garment for kids to color their clothes and give a unique look to it.

DIY colouring activity

DIY Pin up n Wear

In this range, every garment has coconut shell buttons sewn on, in a pattern which can be adorned with flowers, clouds, airplanes and even detachable pockets. A well-coordinated bunch of amusing shapes that are neatly cut- out in felt accompany each garment for the kids to create their own unique style and story.

 Similar to the realistic roleplay cooking activity that Kiara enjoys, this DIY clothing range provides a simple fun DIY learning activity that helps the kids “pretend and play” and express themselves.

Best gift for 2-3 yrs old kids


 Not only this, it also enhances the child's hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills which significantly helps the kids in becoming independent to do a lot of tasks on their own such as opening zippers, brushing teeth, opening doors, etc. And research shows that activities that develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination are more useful in pre-school years than purely intellectual activities like memorizing alphabets or numbers. So, I think it’s a great gifting option for pre-schoolers and I am definitely going to introduce one of this DIY dress (I like to call it “Design it yourself”) to Kiara when I meet her next. Let’s see if my little diva gets as much excited about it as her vegetables set.

If you are looking for more gift ideas for pre-schoolers, check-out this list that I really like. For 4 yrs. old, things like balance bikes, a real or toy music instrument, Lego bricks and PLAYMOBIL play boxes could be a good option too depending upon kid’s interest.

But if your kid is 4 or above, ask them what they want instead of just guessing. Most probably, you will be able to get their wishes fulfilled. Also, this way you won’t end up buying a tablet and digging a hole in your pocket when they could actually be happy with something far less expensive😉

 And don’t forget to share with us when you get a surprising gift demand from your little one!!


  • Supreet

    Interesting Shireen!! I saw your post on Ig, the painting activity seemed so much fun!! Simple activities sometimes become a lot more fun when we do it with these kiddos. I remember my morning stretches become so much fun when Kiara does it with me.

  • Shireen

    My nephew asked for a painting kit like mine for Christmas when we were painting together over the weekend. Sometimes it is also nice to get something that you can enjoy together :)

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