DIY Kids Clothing

This line features clothes with a fun and learning factor. It is not just a dress, but a DIY kit which engages kids in an activity that they will enjoy.

Currently, we have 2 kinds of DIY clothing:

  • Color n Wear :

This line has a range of sustainable organic clothing which kids can color and wear. A set of 5 Color permanent markers comes with each garment. These pens are made in Japan and are non toxic. They wont color bleed or come off even after washing.

The idea is to promote creative liberalization in kids. To not judge them, and let them create their masterpiece and then flaunt it with pride by wearing it. This activity is fun and engaging for kids and aids in relieving stress and right brain development.

Even parents and older siblings can color clothes and add their portion of love to it. It is a great way to spend some fun family time together. It becomes a confidence building tool, when kids wear their art.


  • Pin up n wear :

This line is designed in super comfortable and soothing cottons for the easy going, fun and carefree spirit of the little ones. Every garment has coconut shell buttons sewn on, in a pattern which can be adorned with flowers, clouds, airplanes and even detachable pockets.

A bunch of pockets and amusing shapes that are neatly cut- out in felt are accompanying each garment for the kids to get all creative and make their own unique style and stories.

On a side note, this simple and fun activity that can be practiced multiple times by buttoning and unbuttoning these shapes to the outfit, is a very good way to enhance the child's hand-eye co-ordination, motor development and creative composition skills.