Mosquito repellent

Our Mosquito repellent line is an innovative clothing range that is an effective way to prevent mosquito bites and thus vector borne diseases. 

  • The fabric is extensively researched to present you with a reliable solution against the dreaded mosquitoes.
  •  It is a patented technology to impregnate the fabric with N'N-diethyl-m-toluamide (DEET). The same has proven to be durable and effective to repel mosquitoes and insects.
  • It is Marked Safe, in accordance with WHO (World Health Organisation) Safety Standards.
  • Eco - friendly. The same does not kill / harm mosquitoes, which are an essential part of our ecosystem and play a vital role in natural pollination.
  • Non-toxic and Odorless; These clothes are also the safest way of protection against mosquito bites because the chemicals are not applied directly on the skin, hence do not get absorbed in your blood streams like various skin creams, lotions ans sprays nor does one has to deposit poisonous fumes in their lungs in the name of mosquito repellents
  • These are a one time investment unlike the regular patches which last for 4-12 hours, these remain effective for upto 3.5 years and 80 washes. 
  • The range is developed in 100% cotton fabrics.