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Birds - Quantum Cards Set

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This set on birds provides a fun of learning not just about the different kind of birds but also learn some interesting information about them, how they evolved , how many different species there are and much more. 

Do you know which is the smallest bird? Grab this set and enjoy learning:)

This set has the following ten encyclopaedic cards:

  1. Australian Pelican
  2. Wood Stork
  3. Bald Eagle
  4. Emperor Penguin
  5. Emu
  6. King Vulture
  7. Western Gull
  8. Wandering Albatross
  9. Barn Owl
  10. American Flamingo

Each card has a hand-painted illustration on the front and encyclopaedic facts about it on the back.


PS : if you are looking for more topics, please write to us and we can share the catalogue for pre-order.