DIY red and white shirt with monkeys
DIY pin up monkey toys shirt
DIY organic cotton red and white shirt with monkeys

DIY Pin Up: Go Bananas Shirt

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  • He can go bananas and create his own story of monkeys hunting down giant bananas with these button-on cut-out felt toys. You wouldn't really mind this monkey business with the fun game on his shirt, while he dresses up dapper.
  • 100% Cotton
  • Detachable Felt Toys
  • Included 4 Yellow Bananas, 4 Brown monkeys 
  • Care: Gentle Hand Wash. Remove all detachables before washing 
Size Chart: DIY Clothing
Age  Chest Waist Shoulder
2-3 yrs 22 inches  22 inches 10.5 inches
3-4 yrs 23 inches  23 inches  11  inches 
4-5 yrs 24 inches  24 inches  11.5 inches 
5-6 yrs 25 inches  25 inches  12 inches